How we work and what tools we use is important to us. We believe in the right tools for the right job.

Having our own ladder platforms, enables us to work quicker and safer thus providing a better job.

To avoid unnecessary time cleaning up after grinding, sanding etc, we have dust extractors. This also stops the problem of fire alarms going off.

Click here to see it in action

We have our own professional Alto Tower Scaffolding. This unique stair system enables our workers to gain safe easy access to the rooftop. Also, it helps cut down costs as no hire equipment is needed.

If we do not require a skip on site, we always try and remove any debris daily so the site is kept as tidy as possible.

KLAMPSAFE is an ingenious new simple clamping system which enables a wide variety of materials to be quickly, securely and safely held in a fixed position for cutting or grinding. More info

We now use the latest technology, a 6.oAh lithium ion cordless battery ,mostly eliminating the need for heavy transformers and cables that can be a trip hazard

A safe and easy way to grip, lift and carry all types of boards, sheet material and large bags. It saves time as two people are not needed and prevents one person. See video

We can now offer a roofing survey using a drone. Although there is a cost to this, it does save considerable time in trying to access high and awkward areas and a more accurate price can be given to repairs

Care and detail as even been implemented in our vans. We can carry 8x 4 sheets laid flat on the base, triple ladders can be easily removed without climbing on to the van roof and foldable survey ladders are securely stored. All accessories are easily found again saving time.